James Witt | FAQ

Q. Can we hire you to build us a custom home?
A. Yes we are building for clients whom budget is not their first concern.

Q. Do I need a realtor to represent me when buying a home from you?
A. No most of our sales are direct. Together with the title company I can provide the contract and all the paperwork, as I have been doing for 37 years.

Q. What if my realtor directed me to your home for sale?
A. Then you have an agreement to let them represent you, we have cooperated with brokers for over 30 years.

Q. We are ready to sell our home why should we choose to sell to you?
A. No repairs, no open houses, no inspections, I do all the paper work with the help of the title company. Realtors normally charge the seller a commission that is paid out of seller’s proceeds, I have never charged a commission. We have in many cases helped people buy the next home before the close of the sale of there home. Which makes the planning and transition very easy. People who care about what gets built on the property after the sale choose us because we build great houses and take good care of the neighbors.

Q. Can we buy one of your homes before its completed and exposed to the market?
A. Yes most of our homes have been pre-sales, the deal is the same as any home purchase a deposit is held by the escrow company then escrow closes upon completion of the home to the buyer’s satisfaction.

Q. If our purchase is a pre-sale will you customize the home?
A. No there is a select list of choices, selections, and upgrades that can be made if the timing permits, we do not make changes.

Q. This is one of the biggest decisions of my life should I worry?
A. When studying home building and real estate in college for over a decade, one of the primary lessons were: “everything in real estate is by agreement.” Each step of the way a signature from each/both sides of the deal is required for anything important to happen. So, yes, you do need to ask around about our reputation, but, no, you do not need to worry. Questions? Please e-mail James Witt.